Details & Features:
• Complete coverage of high grade steel with enameled powder coating (electrostatic) painting
• Thickness of “Steel Sheet “is 1 to 4 mm chassis.
• Use fire resistant (800ºc) acoustic material on all interior surfaces with 5cm thickness.
• CAD Design and manufacturing by CNC machines
• Reduce noise at 7 meters to 65 ± 3db or 85db at 1 meter.
• Acoustic test facility according to ISO 3744 is provided in the manufacturing plant.

• Protection against environmental factors
• Protection against rainfall (long wear-out of set)
• Protection against Sun Radiation (long wear-out of set)
• Better noise level for environmental pollution protection up to 68  dB at 7 m in free filed over a reflecting plane

Range of enclosures available from 10 kva up to 1250 kva