Automatic synchronizing load sharing and load control panels are panels that guarantees parallel operation of a couple of sets with each other while frequency control and voltage control has been achieved in defined categories of ISO 8528 just as the same as a single set, additionally load sharing between the sets completely has been implemented automatically and also load control which suggested going out or coming on sets regarding load level demands. These facilities in different application establish an installation which works economically regarding fuel consumption and prolonged set wearing–out.

3 Sets automatic synchronizing, load sharing, load control, parallel with main and AMF with two mains incoming


-  Self standing IP54 cubicle with front and rear access up to the100 KA S.C.C.
-  Cable entry from the bottom.
-   Enameled electrostatic powder painting RAL7035 or 7032.
-   Inlet air filter.
-   Outlet air fan & filter.
-   Panel lighting and fan with micro switch.
-   Busbars from %99Cu.
-  Circuit breaker with releasing and closing facilities for each set.
-  Protection circuits with fuse holder.
-  Electronic automatic battery charger.
-  Water jacket heater feeder.
-  Audible alarm.
-  Any distribution panels coupled with sets cubicles.

Instrumentation and Alarms:

 The panel provides metering and alarm facilities via the LCD display and includes the following instrumentation displays, accessed via the INFORMATION and DISPLAY SCROLL push-buttons:

 -  Generator Volts L1-N, L2-N, L3-N
-  Generator Volts L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1
-  Generator Amps L1,L2,L3
-  Generator Frequency Hz
-  Generator kVA L1,L2,L3, Total
-  Generator kW L1,L2,L3, Total
-  Generator pf L1,L2,L3,Average
-  Generator kVAr L1,L2,L3, Total
-  Generator KWh
-  Generator KVAh
-  Generator KVArh
-  Generator Phase Sequence
-  Synchroscope Display with check - sync
-  Engine Speed RPM
-  Engine Oil Pressure
-  Engine Temperature
-  Plant battery Volts
-  Engine Hours Run
-  Number of Start Attempts
-  Remaining time until Maintenance due
-  Engine ECU diagnostics information


Multiple alarm channels are provided:
Alarms are indicated by an LCD Message, LED illumination and Audible Alarm, to monitor the following.

-  Under/Over Generator Volts
-  Over-current
-  Under/Over Generator Frequency
-  Under / Over speed
-  Charge Fail
-  Emergency Stop
-  Low oil pressure
-  High engine temperature
-  Fail to Start
-  Low/High DC Battery Volts
-  Fail to Stop
-  Generator Short Circuit Protection
-  Reverse Power
-  Generator Phase rotation error
-  Earth Fault Protection
-  Loss of speed signal
-  Fail to Sync / Out of Sync


 synchronising and load sharing for multi set:

-  Synchroscope with auto sync control.
-  Volts and Frequency matching
-  Phase angle and Phase rotation indication.
-  Dead bus sensing
-  Multi-set load demand operation
-  KW and KVA load sharing with multiple generators.
-  Direct communication from the module to the governor and AVR.
-  KW export when in parallel with the mains supply.


There are fallowing possibilities:
Multi sets as stand-by of main.
Multi sets as peak lopping.
Multi sets as Fixed out put.
Multi sets as No break return.
Multi sets as Power export.
Verities of single line diagram configuration are available.

3Sets automatic synchronizing, load sharing, load control, AMF, with three Gen power out put to three remote ATS, Top entries