....*  Engineering:

·         Designing machine room comprising:  

-          Gen sets layout in machine room  

-          Air inlet and outlet dimensions, louvers, and acoustics.  

-          Exhaust piping dimensions and necessities  

-          Proper layout of electrical panels and cable routes  

-          Fuel lines, daily tank, reservoirs sizing, necessities and P&ID diagram.   

-          As built drawings.  

All above with observation of operating condition and ease of maintenance

·         Load study:   

-       Sizing genset or power station with respects to load lists. 

-       Voltage and frequency dips and effects on sizing.

-       Deratings according to site conditions.

·         Tests , QC and Guarantee

-          Inspection and test plan and procedure meeting customers’ necessities

-          Every set manufactured in our factories is tested according to ISO 8528 part 6 and its equivalent VDE 6271 or BS 7698.

The standard test is covering: load acceptance by voltage and frequency transient response of load steps and checking all controls and accessories our possibility to test is up to 2.5 MW. For each set a comprehensive test report submits with each set. Applying modern technology in instruments such as infrared, laser and ultrasonic guarantee the precision of manufacturing and meeting of all specifications. 

Each set has at least 1500 hrs. GUARANTEE. 

·         Training:   

-Training courses for different levels of Engineering and operators.

·         shipment:  

-Packing, Loading factory, and arranging shipping. 


.... * After sales service

·         After sales service covering:

-          Fast response to enquiries.

-          Good remote guiding for trouble shootings.

-          Supplying spares from original parts from own stock and directly from manufactures.

-          Field service especially combined with factory overhaul possibilities.

-          Field service in world market through distributors’ networks.